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Crimson Snow

Great feeling

Crimson Snow® crunchy, fresh, with an exotic flavour – simply extraordinary!

The Crimson is a club apple whose production rights are owned exclusively by the Club’s licensed partners for 30 years. We estimate that there will be 50 hectares of crops in 2021.

It is an extremely late-season variety that originated from Australia, with interesting organoleptic and aesthetic properties and a good texture, juiciness and with a very long shelf life.

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Simply extraordinary

This fruit is crimson red in colour, with a light flesh (hence the name “snow”) and an exotic taste that has appealed to us and impressed us from the start. Crimson Snow has exceptional organoleptic properties. A balanced flavour between its sweet and acidic components.

During harvesting, the fruit contains high levels of malic acid, ensuring an outstanding shelf life. During cold storage, the acid content falls, enabling an increase in sugars. The juiciness of the fruit remains the same as the day it was harvested. All of these factors show that this apple can be the perfect fruit to eat in the final stages of spring/summer.

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