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Information about joint controllership

The purpose of the following information is to ensure that the essential content of the joint controllership agreement signed by Rivoira Giovanni & Figli SpA, Kiwi Uno SpA and Rivoira PO is transparent for data subjects.

What is the purpose of joint controllership?

For the purposes of administrating the website and the personal data collected through it, Rivoira Giovanni e Figli SpA, Kiwi Uno SpA and Rivoira PO work closely together and process the personal data related to users of the website and its content who send unsolicited applications through the respective form. In this context, the parties have jointly established the purposes for and means of processing the personal data in question. Therefore, they are joint controllers for the purposes of protecting the personal data (art. 26 of the GDPR).

What have the parties agreed?

Within the context of joint processing, the parties have agreed on the manner in which they will jointly or individually comply with the obligations contained in the GDPR. In particular, this refers to complying with the information obligations that are the subject of articles 13 and 14 of the GDPR and the exercise of rights of the data subjects.

Specifically, the aforementioned information is available on the website

Furthermore, Rivoira Gualtiero is the point of contact through which data subjects can contact us to exercise their rights in accordance with articles 15 et seq. of the GDPR.

In this regard, in any event, bear in mind that the data subject may exercise their rights with regard to Rivoira Giovanni e Figli SpA, Kiwi Uno SpA and Rivoira PO.