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Rivoira Group

Kiwi Uno: un unique kiwi

A pioneering grower and distributor of the green-fleshed Hayward kiwifruit since 2016. Kiwi Uno is a partner that grows and distributes the golden-fleshed Dori kiwifruit.

Together with another two large Italian companies and two French companies, Kiwi Uno set up the Dori Europa Consortium, which owns the rights to develop and sell the AC 1536 golden-fleshed kiwifruit (commercial name DORI’). The main aim is to recreate the kiwi segment that has undergone stringent testing for levels of bacterial blight of kiwifruit (pseudomonas syringae pv. actinidiae) in our areas. The distinctive features of this fruit are the strength of its golden colour, its amazingly fresh new flavour and the earliness of the Dori, which ripens a month before all of the other golden-fleshed varieties.

Always working closely with Chile. Thanks to the integration between Italian and Chilean production, we are able to access the European and foreign markets throughout the year.

Our varieties:

  • Hayward Kiwi
  • Dori Kiwi

Variety calendar

Kiwi Uno products

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