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Rivoira Group

An internal experimental field

The challenges in the global fruit market are increasingly demanding, so the Rivoira Group has valuable tools to keep up with the competition. Our internal experimental field is aimed at selecting new varieties.

It stretches over the land of the Monastero Agricultural Society, an historic company in the Group with over 54 hectares with apple, kiwi, peach and cherry orchards, located in Dronero. The varietal structure of our company is constantly changing: 60 varieties of apple trees from across the world are currently being tested, along with 70 varieties of cherries.

Over the last twenty years, the Rivoira-Kiwi Uno group has tripled the amount that it manages without increasing the cultivated areas in the group’s farms, but using them to showcase new varieties.

This allows producers to enjoy the benefits of the projects, invest in them with excellent likelihood of success and, as a result, expand their farms.
Thanks to the Committee of the Regions, our Group has developed experimental programmes that cover everything from the plant selection evaluation stage to the planting of genuine experimental fields with well-defined protocols.

The technical area, run by the management, is constantly looking for new varieties of fruit across the world, with the aim of offering products with selections suitable for our growing areas. As well as setting out each variety, the Rivoira Group provides farmers with useful information to allow them to properly manage their facilities:

  • Planting systems
  • Instructions on floral biology
  • Pollinator selection
  • Farm plotting
  • Susceptibility to parasites
  • Protection protocols

Since 2018, the warehouse has had sixteen micro cold storage bays arranged in four blocks that can operate at four different temperatures and with sixteen different combinations of controlled atmospheres. This investment was made to assess how varieties behave while in storage and after being harvested, allowing the whole supply chain to be simulated.


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4 field technicians

3 warehouse technicians


Daily centralised management of farms


Continuously updating growing methods


Varietal innovation




CoC (Chain of Custody)

Zero Residues

New varieties, new projects, new investments

The philosophy that has always made the Group’s approach different is the way we plan and prepare our projects 5 years in advance, the trust that we have built with suppliers and the loyalty of our customers due to the quality of our products.

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