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Rivoira Group

Rivoira Apples

This apple is famous around the world for being a nutritionally complete product. Rivoira is now a private sector leader in the fruit industry and the sector’s main operator in Piedmont.

In 2016, the Rivoira PO was set up to meet the social requirements of the producers and establish an independent organisation to manage every phase of the product: from licensing to the sale of the goods produced.

Club varieties

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Crimson Snow
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Our products


The agricultural management of the products is based on the most modern principles of sustainable farming and integrated pest management.

The Rivoira Group’s goal is to produce and sell fruit while using the smallest amount of pesticides possible and minimising the number of active substances and their residues, without altering the organoleptic properties and quality of the product.

Discover the new apple, Zero Residue Apple:

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Variety calendar

For the Rivoira Group, exports have always represented a vitally important market strategy: the Group sells products in almost every corner of the world for 12 months a year. The needs of all of our customers are met by a diversified range of varieties and packaging that is always fresh and appealing.