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Rivoira Group

The Rivoira Group

Rivoira’s business history began after World War I thanks to the intuition and ingenuity of Giovanni Rivoira, a pioneering innovator in farming who successfully devoted himself to fruit production and trade.

Thanks to the skills that they have inherited and the technical expertise which they continuously update, Rivoira and Kiwi Uno are now private sector leaders in the sale of apples, bone fruits and cherries.  The Group monitors all of its fields and works on a daily basis to ensure the highest levels of quality.

    • A leading grower and seller of apples.
    • A leading producer and exporter of green and golden kiwifruit.
    • Over 200 companies involved, of which 8 are farming businesses that are directly controlled by Rivoira and they are spread across Piedmont, Lombardy and Lazio, supplying large amounts of apples, peaches, apricots, nectarines, kiwis and cherries.
    • 62 cold stores in the Rivoira facilities, 14 storage bays in Kiwi Uno with a total storage capacity of more than 70,000 tons.
    • Overall, the network linked to the Rivoira Group permanently employs over 2,000 people in the country.
    • Our aim: to increase and enhance the quality of these products that are “made in Italy”.

A leader in the production, storage and processing of apples. Exporting has always been our main market strategy. Researching and developing new varieties of applies is our goal. To add value to the sector.

Producers and exporters of green and golden kiwifruit, bone fruits and cherries.

The Producer Organisation was created in 2016 to meet the social requirements of our producers and establish an independent organisation to monitor every phase of the product.

The Rivoira Group in the world.
For the Rivoira Group, exports have always represented a vitally important market strategy.

76 cold storage bays

Over 2,000 people employed in the country linked to the Rivoira Group

Modern and fully automated structures

Our producers

Rivoira’s Technical Service closely manages all businesses that are members and performs daily checks on the producers’ treatments and growing methods, to ensure that we obtain goods with the highest standard of quality.

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There are 8 farms controlled directly by the Rivoira Group

Agricola Fenile | 25 ha
Boscolungo | 255 ha
Il Buttero | 110 ha
Monastero | 100 ha
Agricola Campiglione | 75 ha
Quaglia e Qualità | 20 ha
Rivoira Lorenzo | 35 ha
Barale & Quaglia | 20 ha

The companies

Rivoira Group

3M3B strategy

3 More + 3 Better is our strategy to make us market leaders.

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