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Ambrosia: positive results at the end of the season despite the smaller sizes

After a frenetic and largely uninterrupted six-month season, the end of the 2019/2020 ambrosia apple season has been reached with positive results, once again confirming the strong position of this premium product and the popularity achieved among global customers and consumers.  Even the bio Ambrosia season has been positive, with the number of orders growing and stock running out in January 2020, although we managed to fulfil all of the orders placed by clients in our three main strategic markets: Italy, Scandinavia and Germany.

In terms of the Ambrosia communication campaign, which was launched in Italy last October, this has been run mainly on Instagram and on the mini-site To date, the new Instagram channel @melambrosia has over 3,000 followers, achieving overall engagement of 2.4 million users and a creative feed that is packed full of content which, over the course of the last seven months, has helped to build an active and enthusiastic community.

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